OnCommand Connection at Minuteman Trucks

Why do you need real-time diagnostic management for your vehicle?

OnCommand Connection is a remote diagnostic process that monitors your vehicle to proactively identify potential problems, improve vehicle uptime, control maintenance, and lower repair costs.

How OnCommand Connection Works

How It Works

Minuteman will monitor your vehicle for you. When a fault code comes up or we see maintenance that needs to be done, we call you to help fix the problem before your vehicle is completely down.

We will help decipher any fault codes that may arise and provide a service action plan based on the severity of that code. Preventative maintenance will never be forgotten as we can keep you up to date and help you take care of the most important items first.

The system also allows you to be hands on with real-time data, email alerts, and a customized phone app for your fleet. Have confidence knowing that Minuteman is monitoring your vehicles and ready to help when you need it. 

Minuteman will monitor your vehicle for you!

The OnCommand Connection online portal used by Minuteman to monitor your fleet.

Benefits & Features

  • Available for all medium and heavy duty commercial truck makes
  • Reduce en-route events by proactively scheduling maintenance and repairs
  • Generate real-time comprehensive vehicle health reports
  • Understand fault codes quickly and easily with descriptions in plain English
  • Gain more insight with fault code action plans that provide severity information & recommend solutions

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