Minuteman specializes in light, medium, and heavy-duty collision repairs and refurbishments.

We have the resources and industry experience to handle all truck welding, fabrication, paint and structural repairs in a full body shop with licensed appraisers.


  • Central Fresh Air
  • Titan Air Make-up Units
  • Bullard Panel Mounted Clean Air Box
  • DeVilbiss Desiccant Air Dryer DAD-50
  • SATA Certified Painters
  • 80’ x 20’ Split Preparation Cabin
  • Hazardous Material Storage Containers
  • Solvent Recycling
  • Air Cleaning Units

What We Need To Get Started:

1. Once your claim has been reported to the insurance company we can take it from there!

2. Drop off your vehicle with insurance info & registration. We will work directly with the insurance appraiser and adjusters handling the repair process from start to finish including any supplemental damages that may be needed.

3. Most insurance companies offer a Direction to Pay option which allows the insurance company to pay Minuteman Trucks directly less any deductible that may apply making your payment less stressful, all that is required is your signature!

4. No need to worry about your vehicle. We handle the negotiation process with the insurance company for additional parts & labor.

5. After 25+ years we have established good working relationships with most insurance companies!

6. Once the vehicles is completed it is inspected, washed and cleaned.  You will then be contacted for pick up and be required to bring deductible payment if applicable.