The Diesel Particulate Filter is a device installed in the exhaust stream in all new diesel engines made after January 1, 2007. The DPF is comprised of two chambers. The first chamber works to oxidize a portion of the NO gas in the exhaust to NO2. The second chamber then destroys the soot that is trapped inside. The result of this process is a small amount of ash which remains in the filter. This ash builds up and reduces the effectiveness of the DPF which must be cleaned.

DPFs on all 2007 and later engines must be cleaned at proper intervals of approx. 200,000 miles* for highway applications. Severe service vehicles with high idle times and little on highway driving may need its DPF cleaned in as little as 75,000 miles**.

Click here to view a list of OEM recommended DPF cleaning intervals.

We offer free pick up and delivery, with 6 delivery trucks in Eastern Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island*.


Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaning (Blast It- “Air Knife” Technology)

  • Record owner & serial number
  • Inspect & test filter air flow, record defects, damage & test results
  • Perform cleaning, inspect filter during cleaning process for failed cells & record defects
  • Test filter after cleaning & compare results to FSX Baseline FIlter Matrix; Determine status as
    Green Tag , Orange Tag or Red Tag
    • If Green Tag record results, repackage & return to customer: $300
    • If status is Orange Tag or Red Tag a Stage 2 Thermal Cleaning is required (see additional pricing below).

Stage 2 Thermal Cleaning (Bake It- Thermal Regeneration)

  • Optional thermal process for heavily soiled DPFs not recovered effectively with Stage 1 Cleaning
  • DPFs are baked at 1112°F for 12 hours which oxidizes any soot trapped in the filter & loosens ash deposits
  • Removes oil or fluid residue from the filter which interferes with the Pneumatic Cleaning Process
  • Test filter for air flow, record results to FSX Baseline Filter Matrix; Determine status as Green Tag, Orange Tag or Red Tag.
  • If Green or Orange Tag, repackage & return to customer
    • Dry filters for 12 hour bake: $200
    • Oil or fluid soaked 24 hour bake: $295
    • Severely soaked oil or fluid soaked 48 hour bake: $390
    • Oil or fluid soaked pre-wash: $50

View our Full DPF Cleaning Menu here for additional cleaning services we provide. Note: Unsuccessful Cleaning Handling Charge: $25.00 flat charge. If Minuteman Trucks is unable to recover your filter, the cleaning charges under Stage 1 & 2 above are waived. The nominal handling charge of $25.00 covers a small portion of the costs we incurred attempting to salvage your filter.

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*This service is available under limited conditions, Prices do not include remove and install DPF, forced re-gen, after treatment injector cleaning (AFI, Doser), hardware (i.e. gaskets and v-clamps) shop supplies, sales tax or shipping costs outside Minuteman’s Pick-up and delivery area. 24 hour turn-around time cannot be guaranteed when utilizing our pick-up and delivery service. **Based on engine model/make and operating conditions.