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HGAC Buy Program

Fire Apparatus, Ambulance, EMS & Other Special Vehicles

HGACBuy offers a variety of emergency service vehicles via competitively bid contracts. We contract with the manufacturers to provide high quality vehicles for all levels of emergency service needs. Purchasing through HGACBuy allows you to customize vehicles to meet your particular service requirements.


HGACBuy offers the simplest way to buy. All our contracts have been awarded by virtue of a competitive bid or RFP process in accordance with government purchasing statutes. HGACBuy process includes:

  • Conducting products research
  • Developing specifications for each product and service
  • Encouraging broad vendor participation
  • Issuing public bid/proposal notices
  • Conducting pre-bid/pre-proposal conferences and response openings
  • Evaluating bid/proposal responses
  • Issuing vendor contracts awarded by the H-GAC Board of Directors
  • Managing vendor contracts


All units of local governments, state governments, state agencies and nonprofits providing governmental services are eligible for HGACBuy membership if their states have statutes in place allowing participation in other states’ co-ops. Entities eligible for HGACBuy membership:

  • Municipalities, Cities, Counties and State Agencies
  • Councils of Government
  • Schools, School Districts, Colleges, Universities
  • Hospitals, Hospital Districts • Emergency Medical Services and Services Districts
  • Volunteer Fire and Rural Fire Departments
  • Prevention Districts • Special Law Enforcement Jurisdictions
  • Judicial Courts and Districts
  • Emergency Communications Districts
  • Utility Districts (MUDs, WCIDs, Irrigation)
  • Authorities (Airport, Port, River, Water, Toll Road)
  • Not-for-Profit Corporations [501(c)3] providing government functions and services


An interlocal contract can be executed at no cost to you. You will find the ILC form on our website under “About Us.” Then secure approval from appropriate authority in your organization and return the ILC form to HGACBuy for execution and to receive membership access to the program.

For more information about HGACBuy and how we can help your government or eligible organization purchase more efficiently, call 1-800-926-0234, or visit our website at hgacbuy.org.



2181 Providence Hwy
Walpole, MA 02081


545C Hartford Tpk
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
(508) 734-6061


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