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About ELD

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Rule applies to most motor carriers and drivers who are required to keep records of duty status (RODS). This includes commercial buses as well as trucks. It applies to drivers domiciled in Canada and Mexico, unless they qualify for an exception to the rule.

ELD Rule Implementation

  • All carriers and drivers subject to the ELD rule must use either an ELD or an AOBRD (automatic on-board recording devices compliant with existing regulations) by December 18, 2017.
  • AOBRDs may be used until December 16, 2019, if the devices were put into use before December 18, 2017.
  • Starting December 16, 2019, all carriers and drivers subject to the rule must use ELDs.
  • ELDs must have the capability of either telematic data transfer or local transfer.

Exceptions to the ELD Rule

  • Drivers who use paper logs no more than 8 days during any 30-day period.
  • Driveaway-towaway drivers (transporting a vehicle for sale, lease, or repair), provided the vehicle driven is part of the shipment or the vehicle being transported is a motor home or recreational vehicle trailer.
  • Drivers of vehicles manufactured before model year 2000.

Why FMCSA Implemented the ELD Rule

The rule is intended to help create a safer work environment for drivers, and make it easier and faster to accurately track, manage, and share RODS data. As part of the MAP-21 Act, Congress required adoption of the ELD rule.

Idealease locations will present ELD solutions in the following manner:

  • Rental personnel will review ELD Exceptions with the customer to determine if they are exempt from being required to utilize an ELD.  Reasons for exemption include:
    • Drivers who have a rental vehicle for 8 days or less.
    • Drivers who use paper logs for not more than 8 days during any rolling 30-day period.
    • Drivers who conduct driveaway-towaway operations, where the vehicle is the product being delivered.
    • Drivers of vehicles manufactured before model year 2000 (due to vehicle connectivity concerns; this is a change from the proposed rule).
    • Drivers who operate using the logbook exception (i.e. short-haul 100 air mile CDL and 150 air mile Non-CDL drivers) and can comply to the exception 22 days out of a rolling 30 day period.
  • Idealease locations will allow customers to bring their own portable ELD kits to install on our rental units.
  • Idealease customers will be allowed to bring their own smart devices and connect to existing telematic/ELD units already in the rental truck or Idealease locations will have portable ELD kits available for installation in the rental unit should the customer be subject to the ELD regulation.
  • Idealease has Preferred ELD Suppliers that can keep customers in compliance with the ELD regulation requirements for leased and owned equipment.

Throughout all phases of the ELD regulation, Idealease locations will be available to discuss your specific needs to keep you in compliance.

12/16/2015 ELD Final Rule Published. Awareness & Transition Phase. Voluntary use of ELDs

12/18/2017 ELD Final Rule Compliance Date. Phase-In Compliance Phase. Mandatory use of ELDS with existing AOBRDs grandfathered for 2 years

12/16/2019 Mandatory Use of ELDs. Full Compliance Phase. Full Compliance Phase

For more information on the FMCSA ELD mandate please visit:



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Walpole, MA 02081


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(508) 734-6061


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