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Minuteman Trucks Blog

2019 | Idealease

We understand that your driver’s time is valuable and want to make servicing your units seamless to your driver(s) and operations.

Idealease Mobile Service delivers on-site preventative maintenance during the time your units are not in service; a comprehensive 150+ point service and inspection of your entire unit is completed. We realize that if the liftgate or rear door of your unit is not operational, the engine may as well be out of the unit, since the truck is not usable. During our inspection we focus on all the components of your unit, making sure they are fully operational and ready to perform for your driver.

Idealease Mobile Service is nothing new to Idealease; we have been providing this service to our customers for over 15 years.

Our mobile service units our equipped to safely and efficiently come to your location and perform the 75-80% of the maintenance services required of the unit.

New and used oil is fully contained on the unit, and neither see the light of day as the old oil is pumped out of the unit into a closed used oil system on the unit; the new oil is then pumped in.  Filters are placed in a special compartment with drainage to the waste oil system. In the event you have a unit that is not performing correctly, the technician can perform diagnostics of the unit and provide the information back to our main service department to proactively set the unit up for repair; we will make sure the parts are on hand to complete the repair and get the unit back into service as soon as possible.

Each Idealease Mobile Service technician completes a specialized mobile service training program prior to being assigned a unit. While our technician is there servicing your unit they will also address any driver write ups your driver has noted on their daily vehicle inspection insuring the truck is ready to work for your driver!

Contact Minuteman Trucks – or your nearest Idealease location to see how Idealease Mobile Service can benefit your operation.